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One Dream Away

The Jewels in His Crown

NEW! This brand new album is a collection of songs for Meher Baba’s beloved Mehera, His sister Mani, and other Mandali members. Two of the songs were written during the last year, one about Mehera, one for Mani. The album also contains previously recorded old favorites written by Cindy during the last five — most of them have been revisited and now have different arrangements or added instrumentation to make them even fuller and richer than the original versions. Hopefully, all of the songs will inspire you to think of Meher Baba and the beautiful jewels and brightest stars who were His very dearest devotees.

Song List & Samples :
Mehera, The Wondrous Moon Free Download
Mehera And Meher Download with $0.99
A Time Of Jasmine And Roses Download with $0.99
Mehera's Waiting Download with $0.99
Dear Mehera Download with $0.99
Mani, A Most Beaufiful Jewel Download with $0.99
Slip Away Download with $0.99
In Another Life Download with $0.99
On Lover's Lane Download with $0.99
Mehera, Please Tell Me Download with $0.99
Roses For The Queen Free Download
Sister, Fly Download with $0.99
The Night Before The Wedding Download with $0.99
Mehera: To The Glory Of Love Download with $0.99
Beloved God Download with $0.99
One Dream Away

To the Glory of Love

Recorded in a top Bollywood studio in India, this cross-cultural album showcases Carnatic musicians performing music written by a Westerner who feels completely at home in the East. From the haunting and reflective Mehera and Meher to the powerfully rocked-out "Only Fire Can Quench My Thirst", this album is a complete winner!

Song List & Samples :
If You Hold to Me Download with $0.99
Only Fire Download with $0.99
Be One of My Own Download with $0.99
This Sweet Journey Download with $0.99
Beautiful Dreamer Free Download
Going Home Tongiht Download with $0.99
Avatorment Blues Download with $0.99
The Tale of the Gypsy Princess Download with $0.99
I'll Never Let Go Download with $0.99
On Lovers Lane Download with $0.99
Mehera and Meher Download with $0.99
The Sweetest Love Download with $0.99
Mehera_ To the Glory of Love Download with $0.99
One Dream Away

The Song of Meher King

A very long time in the making, this brand new Album of 12 new songs and 2 old favorites was created and recorded at Meherabad, India. it’s a great East-West blend featuring some unusual India instruments as well as Western ones. As always, Cindy’s music is the powerful outward expression of the universal inner experience and will be especially meaningful to those who tread the path of love.

Song List & Samples :
I Will Hold On Download with $0.99
A Time of Jasmine and Roses Download with $0.99
The Sweetest Wine Is Made from Tears Free Download
The Darkest Dead of Night Download with $0.99
Too Late to Say Goodbye Free Download
This Narrow Road Download with $0.99
Thunder After Lightning Download with $0.99
Dreaming Too Long Download with $0.99
Dear Mehera Download with $0.99
You Won't Get Far Download with $0.99
The Song of Meher King Download with $0.99
You Belong to Me Download with $0.99
One Dream Away


Cindy's fifth album offers us an amazing tapestry of soulful melodies, precision instrumentation, and insightful lyrics. Her unique singing style takes us to a world where lives past, loves remembered and heartfelt devotion form layer upon layer of a rich musical experience.

Song List & Samples :
If I Could Feel Your Love Free Download
Don't Look Away Download with $0.99
Wake Me With a Kiss Download with $0.99
Keep Shining for Me Download with $0.99
Daughter, Don't You Weep Download with $0.99
If You Ever Need Me Download with $0.99
Said and Done Download with $0.99
Maya Download with $0.99
Hold On Download with $0.99
In Another Life Download with $0.99
In the Season of the Rain Free Download
Till My Dyin' Day Download with $0.99
Roses for the Queen Download with $0.99
Everlasting Download with $0.99
One Dream Away

Now Till the End

This album has long been Cindy’s best seller! It features four all-time favorites, Meher Baba's The Beloved God Prayer, Keep Me Near, and A Pilgrim’s Arti well as the title song, all of which have been performed and recorded by other artists. This sophisticated album has a powerful contemporary feel as well as a haunting devotional quality.

Song List & Samples :
Each and Every Day Free Download
Chains Download with $0.99
Falling for You Download with $0.99
A Pilgrim's Arti Download with $0.99
Companions Download with $0.99
Keep Me Near Download with $0.99
Devil Don't Dance Alone Download with $0.99
Dancing With You Free Download
Sister, Fly Download with $0.99
Mehera, Please Tell Me Download with $0.99
The Night Before the Wedding Download with $0.99
Now Till the End Download with $0.99
Beloved God Download with $0.99
One Dream Away

After All This Time

"Simple, profound, and inspired!" said one reviewer about this album of 14 original selections in Cindy’s usual wide range of styles. The title song, You and I, and Everything To Me, were among of Mani S. Irani's favorites. Wonderful arrangements with outstanding musicians and elegant production!

Song List & Samples :
Lifetime Chance Download with $0.99
Dont Cry for Me Download with $0.99
Hell and Hurricane Download with $0.99
The Keeper Download with $0.99
Two Hearts Searching Download with $0.99
Fever River Download with $0.99
Coming Back to You Download with $0.99
Time Gonna Come Download with $0.99
Everything to Me Free Download
You and I Download with $0.99
Mehera's Waiting Download with $0.99
Darshan Download with $0.99
To Be With You Download with $0.99
After All This Time Free Download
One Dream Away

One Dream Away

The title track, "By Your Side", "Soul to Soul", and "One Dream Away" have emerged as the big hits from Cindy’s second album. Gypsy, cowgirl, folk-rock heart music with tight harmonies and artful arrangements make this a joyful listening experience.

Song List & Samples :
One Dream Away Download with $0.99
Coming Home To Me Download with $0.99
Soul To Soul Download with $0.99
Slip Away Download with $0.99
Fortunetelling Lady Free Download
Laydown Download with $0.99
By Your Side Download with $0.99
Ocean In The Sand Free Download
You Feel So Far Download with $0.99
One More Time Download with $0.99
Sweet Mystery Download with $0.99