Cindy is an accomplished musician who writes, performs, and records from the heart.

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Cindy Lowe

Cindy's inspired lyrics, evocative melodies, passionate vocals, and distinctive guitar playing combine to conjure up a rich and heady brew seasoned with Folk, Rock, Country, Classical, World Music and Other-Worldy ingredients. Musicians from the far-flung corners of the universe add unique flavors and contemporary spice to create a sublime musical journey.

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Note : Please note that all song lyrics are free to download on this website.


The Glory of Love songbook
The Cindy Lowe Songbook

This songbook contains lyrics and guitar chords for songs from 7 albums as well as a few more. 81 songs! Many of them have been simplified to make them very easy to learn.

The Song of a Lifetime songbook
The Song of a Lifetime

This book of 76 songs includes sheet music for 39 as well as chords and lyrics for the first six of Cindy’s albums plus special bonus material. There’s a separate section for guitar players so they can work from lyric sheets with chords instead of sheet music.

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