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A Pilgrim's Arti
After All This Time
Avatorment Blues
Baba's the One
Beautiful Dreamer
Beloved God
Be One of My Own
By Your Side
Coming Back to You
Coming Home to Me
Companions on the Journey of My Heart
Dancing With You
Daughter Don't You Weep
Dear Mehera
Devil Don't Dance Alone
Don't Cry for Me
Don't Look Away
Dreaming Too Long
Each and Every Day
Everything to Me
Falling for You
Fever River
Fortunetelling Lady
Going Home Tonight
Hell and Hurricane
Hold On
I'll Never Let Go
If I Could See You Again
If I Could Feel Your Love
If You Ever Need Me
If You Hold to Me
In Another Life
In the Season of the Rain
Keep Me Near
Keep Shining On Me
Lay Down
Lifetime Chance
Mehera and Meher
Mehera Please Tell Me
Mehera to the Glory of Love
Mehera's Waiting
Mehera's Camp Song
Now Till the End
Ocean in the Sand
On Lovers' Lane
One Dream Away
One More Time
Only Fire Can Quench My Thirst
Only You
Pour Me Your Wine
Roses for the Queen
Running Like a River
Said and Done
Sister, Fly
Slip Away
Soul to Soul
Sweet Mystery
The Keeper
The Night Before the Wedding
The Plague Song
The Sweetest Love
The Tale of the Gypsy Princess
This Sweet Journey
Thunder After Lightning
Till My Dying Day
Time Gonna Come
To Be With You
Two Hearts Searching
Wake Me with a Kiss
You and I
You Feel so Far
You're the One