"The music is only to tickle the ear to let the words into the heart." -- Meher Baba

The Song of a Lifetime

Cindy Lowe's songs are an outward expression of universal inner experience. Her passionate vocals, distinctive guitar playing and artful presentation create a powerful listening experience. After many requests, Cindy has collated the lyrics and chords to her original Meher Baba compositions into a songbook so this music can be learned, shared and serve as inspiration to other songwriters, musicians and faith seekers.

"The Song of a Lifetime"

includes the sheet music and/or lead sheets with chords to all of the songs on Cindy's 6 studio albums as well as several previously unrecorded pieces. Copies can be purchased for $14 at Meher Darbar in India and will soon also be available in the US. Those wanting to purchase a copy can also contact Cindy directly at cinlowe@gmail.com.

Cindy's personal forward from The Song of a Lifetime:
I feel that my assignment from Meher Baba in this life has been to write, record and play music that would please Meher Baba, His Mandali, and His lovers. Now, in spite of my great resistance to doing it, part of that assignment seems to include creating songbooks so that others can learn my music.

This new edition contains lyrics and music to all of the songs on my six albums plus a few others I've never recorded. My original intention was simply to update my 2000 edition songbook, but the project took on a life of its own and got more complicated than I'd imagined, and by the time I realized I might have a case of Archive Fever, it was too late to stop. So I resigned myself and got to work. First I figured I might as well include piano parts. Then I decided to add my Baba story. Then I added more. And more. And more and more and still yet more until I felt I'd done my best. Welcome to the new, improved, and probably final edition of this book.

I've included sheet music for thirty-nine songs. I've created a separate section for guitar players because I believe it's usually easier for them to work from lyric sheets with chords instead of sheet music. There are seventy-six songs in this part and in some cases I've included guitar versions that differ from the sheet music because I've tried to keep things simple for both piano players and guitarists without sacrificing the feel of the songs. For beginners, or for those who cringe at the mere thought of learning music theory, my transposition and song learning tips may be helpful.

While putting this book together, one thing led to another and I included a bit of information about Meher Baba, although I think most potential users are already familiar with His life and teachings. I also wrote a short background story for each song because my lyrics so often have to do with Mehera, Mani, the Mandali, and close friends who were instrumental in shaping my life as reflected in the songs. I apologize for any confusion that may result for those unfamiliar with these names. The truth is that I'm not an archivist and referencing everyone mentioned in this book was far too daunting to contemplate. Complete information about Meher Baba's life and work can be found at ambppct.org.

I hope you will use and enjoy this songbook. In many ways, it really is the story of my life with Meher Baba as well as a collection of songs. My songs belong to Meher Baba. So do I. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

Cindy Lowe
December 2009