Songwriting Workshops

Cindy Lowe

Make your songs sparkle and shine! Acquire the skills you need to write strong melodies, dynamic progressions and outstanding lyrics. Your songwriting questions will be answered and a good time will be had by all!

Topics include:

  • What makes a song great?
  • Understanding song structure
  • Writing strong melodies and great words
  • What every songwriter needs to know about theory
  • What to do when inspiration strikes and when it doesn't
  • Mixing it up: Making your song interesting
  • Using your mind to write straight from the heart
  • Performing your songs: Tips, tools and tricks of the trade
  • You've got a great song. Now what?

The workshop is open to beginners as well as accomplished musicians but participants must be able to play basic guitar or keyboard and should bring instruments. Lyric writers and others interested in the songwriting process are welcome to attend as auditors. There is a 2 person minimum, 10 person maximum. Workshops will run 1-3 sessions in length with times to be arranged.

Cindy Lowe

Other Workshops

Broaden your musical horizons with these other workshops offered by Cindy Lowe:
  • Performance Skills
  • Harmony Singing
  • De-mystifying Music Theory
Workshops are offered July - February.
To make arrangements from Meherabad call 254 8419.
From abroad, please email: