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Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist
Gypsy/Cowgirl/Folk-Rock/Heart Music for the Soul
Cindy’s inspired lyrics, evocative melodies, passionate vocals, and distinctive guitar work combine to conjure up a rich and heady brew of Eastern, Western who writes, performs, and records from the heart. About Cindy

Cindy Lowe


Cindy Lowe writes, performs, and records songs about the journey of the heart.

Cindy grew up in a musical family and began playing piano at age six but didn’t discover her favorite instrument until she picked up a guitar in her late teens and taught herself to play it by listening to records. Later, she studied music theory and classical guitar, practicing four hours a day. But after a few years she realized that her true love had always been songwriting. Even though she loved classical guitar, she gave it up to become a nomad songwriter, background singer, and guitar player in various country and rock bands and duos. After moving to California, she became a highly successful songwriting and guitar teacher in the Bay Area and also began making records.


Listen to Song Samples from all of Cindy’s Albums

Evocative melodies, passionate vocals, and distinctive guitar playing! With assorted instruments from all over the world, Cindy’s music conjures up a rich and exhilarating brew seasoned by musicians from the far-flung corners of the universe.

Only Love

One of the very best! Eleven classic Cindy-style Gypsy/Cowgirl/Folk-rock original songs from her heart to yours. It’s also very much an album for and about these challenging but wondrous times.

Cindy Lowe

Favourite Songbooks

The Song of a Lifetime

This book of 76 lyric sheets with guitar chords includes voice and piano transcriptions for 39 of the most popular songs. There’s also a section of bonus material about how to transpose easily and other music tips.

Buy from Newer transcriptions not included in the book are TEMPORARILY AVAILABLE FOR FREE on request from

Cindy Lowe

Favourite Songbooks

The Cindy Lowe Songbook, 2021 edition

Lyrics and guitar chords from 9 albums, 96 songs in all! Many have been simplified to make them easy to play.


What Others Say About Cindy Lowe

Your music touches my heart so greatly. I want you to always remember what I have said. I am your biggest fan

Mani Irani (Meher Baba’s sister)

Cindy’s songs are a joy to sing and play, to listen to and remember. She is one of the foremost contributors to the incredible wealth of Baba music

Ted Judson

Cindy Lowe has written some of my absolute favorite songs in existence. Her songs are intergenerational classics that have the power to fill that void of longing in the listeners heart. Her songs have become as necessary to my soul as toast and butter are to my breakfast – I can’t live without them !

Adrienne Shamszad

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