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Evocative melodies, passionate vocals, and distinctive guitar playing! With assorted instruments from all over the world, Cindy’s music conjures up a rich and exhilarating brew seasoned by musicians from the far-flung corners of the universe.

Only Love

One of the very best! Eleven classic Cindy-style Gypsy/Cowgirl/Folk-rock original songs from her heart to yours. It’s also very much an album for and about these challenging but wondrous times.

The Jewels in His Crown

A truly inspiring collection of songs for Meher Baba’s beloved Mehera, His sister Mani, and all the beautiful jewels who were His very dearest devotees. Some new songs, some old favorites, all are beautiful!

The Song of Meher King

The first professional album ever recorded at Meherabad features 12 original songs with the Amazing Meherabad Wonder Band and Celestial Chorus, the fantastic musicians who perform with Cindy in India.

To the Glory of Love

Recorded at a top Bollywood studio in India, this cross-cultural album showcases Carnatic musicians performing music and 13 original songs by Cindy, a Westerner who feels completely at home in the East. A winner!


A tapestry of soulful melodies, precision instrumentation, and insightful lyrics takes us to a world of 14 original songs where lives past, loves remembered and heartfelt devotion form layer upon layer of a rich musical experience.

Now Till the End

Bestseller! This recording has a powerful contemporary feel as well as a haunting devotional quality. Several of these 13 original songs have been featured in films or have been recorded by other artists.

After All This Time

Simple, profound, and inspired with 14 original songs in Cindy’s wide range of styles. Features lush arrangements seasoned with unique flavors and spices from all over the world.

One Dream Away

The tight harmonies and artful arrangements on these 11 original songs create a joyful listening experience!

Keep Me Near

Sorry, This album is no longer available.

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