Cindy Lowe Cindy Lowe has been writing and playing music for most of her life. Her inspired lyrics, evocative melodies, passionate vocals, and distinctive guitar playing combine to conjure up a rich and heady brew seasoned with Folk, Rock, Country, Classical, World Music and Other-Worldy ingredients. Musicians from the far-flung corners of the universe add unique flavors and contemporary spice to create a sublime musical journey.

In the 70's, Cindy left her career as a classical guitarist to perform her own magical brand of gypsy/cowgirl/folk/rock and since then has traveled the world and performed on 4 continents. Her music has attracted critical acclaim and a loyal cross-cultural following; several of her songs have been recorded by other artists, others have been used in films.

In a previous existence, Cindy was a popular guitar, voice, and song-writing teacher in the East Bay area of California until she and her husband Jeff moved to Mexico in 2003 and then again, to India, in 2006 where they now live. She recently completed her 7th album at Meherabad.

Cindy's journey is music and, through it, she transports her listeners to the realm of the soul. She is an accomplished musician who writes, performs, and records from the heart. Her music is the powerful outward expression of the universal inner experience and is especially comforting and appealing to the ancient souls of this modern world.

What others have said about Cindy Lowe's music:
"Your music touches my heart so greatly. I want you to always remember what I have said."
"I am your biggest fan." -- Mani Irani (Meher Baba's sister)

"Cindy is one of the great songwriters of this era. Her songs are timeless gems that will be sung for many generations." -- Larry Thrasher

"Cindy Lowe is the grand dame of the Meher Baba music world." -- Alan Wagner
"Cindy Lowe's music has touched me in so many ways and been tremendously influential in my understanding of how to tread the path of love with Meher Baba ... Cindy's songs of the pitfalls and blessings of life as an aspirant have cheered and consoled me on many a day, whether I am speeding down the highway or running a soundtrack in my head. A new song from Cindy is always a treasure." -- Katie Mink

"Cindy's songs are a joy to sing and play, to listen to and remember. She is one of the foremost contributors to the incredible wealth of Baba music." -- Ted Judson